All our services are regulated under Transport Malta and EASA regulations. Our AOC is fully compliant for passenger transport operations. More capabilities are being added all the time along with more aircraft models.


Our Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation ensures that all aircraft operating under an AOC or NCC/NCO receive precise and sophisticated maintenance using our e-tech log information tracking system. All maintenance, work orders, part replacements, stock levels and pending orders are tracked to each helicopter and our systems even record which tools and equipment have been used by each engineer responsible. All our technical systems are constantly updated and EASA compliant for your peace of mind. In fact, we are fully certified under the Malta Civil Aviation Department with CAMO MT.MG.51.


Maintenance is not equal amongst service stations. Standards may be met but expertise is learnt. Our maintenance operation involves input from some of the most experienced engineers in the helicopter industry, who also happen to be fully qualified EASA pilots.  Combined with the latest diagnostic equipment, we are able to offer both line and base maintenance in Malta as well as elsewhere with our mobile service. We are able to perform AOG services whereever the aircraft may be located. We also provide services to yacht based helicopters. We can perform Line and Base maintenace for the aircraft for which we have on our capability list.  (MT.145.09 Pending) 


Maintenance can be performed wherever the helicopter is located. When the 'aircraft is on ground' we can travel to the aircraft to bring it back into service. For aircraft located on yachts we can travel to the yacht to perform maintenance either as required by the CAMO or to rectify mechanical issues.


We are authorised for the following Airbus and Leonardo/Agusta aircraft. We are adding more aircraft on almost a monthly basis. 

AS350, H130, H135, AW 109 (most versions) 


We work closely with our Part 21J partner in the UK to fulfil all STC’s and modifications to aircraft. Avionic STC’s are jointly developed and held exclusively for various Aircraft types. For Example we have STC’s for wooden flooring for EC135 as well as Standby Horizon for the MD302 and MD32 magnetometers for Standby horizons.

Other STC’s are being developed at present.



Malta is replicating the success of its shipping registry with its aviation registry. With a businesslike regulator and a forward looking Government, Malta is has become the 'GO TO' location for aircraft maintenance and maintenance. The likes of Lufthansa Technik, SRtechnik, RyanAir and Easyjet are all present in Malta. HSML has in a short period of time has the largest fleet of helicopters registered in Malta. Fiscal advantages

Malta has built a reputation as the preferred destination for Aviation. An ideal jurisdiction for corporate structures and with clear advantages for registering your aircraft, HSML ensures owners expectations are met. 

World class facilities 

Facilities at Malta International Airport are excellent.HSML have hangers, fuel and other services on offer. Over 300 days of sunshine means that aircraft can arrive and depart easily. 


UNIQUE services

We have added all the services that may be required to service and maintain helicopters.



We have our own truck and custom helicopter trailer. The crane is rater at 3.5tonnes and allows the vehicle to pick up a twin engined helicopter via its mast head. The truck and trailer are based in our norther Italian bases. It can operate throughout the EU.



When the helicopter is grounded and needs to be transported back to one of our bases for maintenance, our truck’s integrated crane will lift the helicopter onto the custom built trailer. The helicopter rotor blades are fitted within the blade box.



We also work for leasing companies. Aircraft may be delivered or relocated by trailer when they are no longer registered or the regulators withdraw flight status and the aircraft needs to be relocated. The Helicopter may also be repositioned by trailer.